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The Goole Key Board named gboard has been updated with support for new languages, as well as the ability to resize and reposition the keyboard to however you see fit. Not only that, but Gboard allows for these language users to spell things phonetically, then a transliteration process is undergone in real time. Google states that any Google Indic Keyboard users should switch over to the latest Gboard and give it a try.

On top of new languages supported, Gboard also comes with a new text editing mode with buttons for increased cursor control, as well as the ability to select text, cut, copy, and paste right from the keyboard. To access this new editing mode, select the Text Editing icon in the quick features menu by pressing on the G button (or arrow) in the strip that contains your suggestions.

Lastly, inside the regular settings menu, you will find an option to change up the overall size of Gboard. You can make it bigger or smaller. You can also choose the positioning, which should help your little fingers if they can’t quite reach something. This change is perfect for the one-handed tappers among us.


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